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Pet First Aid & CPR

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Our pets are more than just animals living in our homes, they are family members that provide us with unconditional love, laughter, and tremendous comfort. We do the best we can for them yet so many people are unaware of what to do in the event of a sudden illness or accident involving our four footed friend. Four footed Family’s Pet Emergency Care Education classes provide pet families and pet professionals with the tools they need to be the first responders for an animal in need before professional care can be reached.

About Four Footed Family:
My name is Laura McCallion, I am the Lead Instructor and Founder of Four Footed Family. For 20 years I have been teaching people how to help one another in the event of illness or an accident through traditional First Aid & CPR training.

After the very sudden and unexpected death of one of my very beloved dogs, Chance, I began questioning whether I had missed a sign or didn't see something that could have helped save Chance's life. I went in search of knowledge and what I found was a new path for my life. I thought, having owned pets forever that I knew a lot about proper care and emergencies that could happen with them, however, through my training to become a Pet Emergency Care Instructor, I discovered that there are so many things I didn't know. Our pets can't tell us when something hurts and often they mask it when they are in pain so becoming very familiar with what your pet's "normal" is can go a long way to knowing quickly when something is wrong. I have made it my mission to share what I have learned, and so much more with pet families and professionals so that just as I have helped people be prepared for the worst day of someone else's life, I could help pet parents, families, and pet professionals be prepared to do whatever they can to help in the event of the worst day in an animal's life.

I hope you will join one of our classes and realize that you have so much to give an injured or ill animal and your help could save a life.

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